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Full Pricing Information

Our price is broken down into four components.

  • Material: The cost of the stone material installed.
  • Edge: The cost of fabricating a selected edge. Great free options.
  • Sink: The cost of sinks purchased from Top Masters.
  • Fabrication: All other fabrication costs.

Material Cost

Material cost is calculated by multiplying square footage of material installed by the material price level. Cooktop and sink cutout square footage counts as part of material installed. You don't get charged for any other excess material lost during fabrication. Sales tax applies to material cost.

Material price is lowered by two levels when a material is on promotion.

E.g. A 30 sq. ft. countertop using a material in "Level 4" will result in a material cost of $1740.00 before sales tax. When the same material is put on monthly promotion it is effectively in "Level 2" resulting in a material cost of $1350.00 before sales tax.

  1. Level 1

    $40 / sq. ft.

  2. Level 2

    $45 / sq. ft.

  3. Level 3

    $51 / sq. ft.

  4. Level 4

    $58 / sq. ft.

  5. Level 5

    $66 / sq. ft.

  6. Level 6

    $75 / sq. ft.

  7. Level 7

    $85 / sq. ft.

  8. Level 8

    $96 / sq. ft.

  9. Level 9

    $108 / sq. ft.

  10. Level 10

    $120 / sq. ft.

  11. Level 11+

    $ Variable / sq. ft.

Edge Cost

Edge cost is calculated by multiplying square footage of material installed by the edge price level. We offer our favorite three options free of charge!

E.g. A 30 sq. ft. countertop using an "Ogee" edge will result in an edge cost of $210.00. Using an "Eased" edge results in an edge cost of $0.00!

Select an edge

Sink Cost

We carry sinks that can be purchased as part of your countertop or bathroom project. There is no charge for sink installation, however, please note that there is a sink cutout fabrication cost described below.

E.g. Purchasing our "SLU-825" sink costs $200.00 before sales tax. The large sink cutout will result in a fabrication cost of $250.00. See all fabrication costs below.

Kitchen Sinks (Stainless Steel)

Bathroom Sinks (Porcelain)

Fabrication Costs

We itemize fabrication costs to ensure a fair price that factors in project complexity and fabrication labor.

E.g. A typical kitchen countertop with one large sink cutout, two fixture holes, six outer corners and one inner corner will incur a fabrication cost of $360.00.

  • Finished Outer Corner:

    $12.00 / count

  • Finished Inner Corner:

    $18.00 / count

  • Cooktop Cutout:

    $80.00 / count

  • Drop-in Sink Cutout:

    $80.00 / count

  • Vanity Sink Cutout:

    $150.00 / count

  • Small Sink Cutout:

    $200.00 / count

  • Large/Double Sink Cutout:

    $250.00 / count

  • Bring-your-own-sink Cutout:

    $250.00 / count

  • Outlet hole:

    $25.00 / count

  • Fixture hole:

    $10.00 / count

  • Seam:

    $80.00 / count

Estimate price calculator

We offer an easy to use estimate price calculator to help you make the right choice for your project. Be sure to try out different material price levels to find the best fit for your budget.


(sq. ft.)

($ / sq. ft.)
($ / sq. ft.)

Changes Apply Automatically

Cost Breakdown

Material:42 (sq.ft.) x45 ($/sq.ft.) =$1890
Edge: 42 (sq.ft.) x0 ($/sq.ft.) =$0
SLU-430 Sink:1 (Ct.) x100 ($/Ct.) =$100
Small Sink Cutout:1 (Ct.) x200 ($/Ct.) =$200
Fixture Holes: 2 (Ct.) x 10 ($/Ct.) =$20
Outer Corners: 5 (Ct.) x 12 ($/Ct.) = $60
Inner Corners: 1 (Ct.) x 18 ($/Ct.) = $18
Sub Total: = $2288
Material Sales Tax:1890 ($) x6.625 (%) =$125.21
Sink Sales Tax:100 ($) x6.625 (%) =$6.63
Total: = $2419.84

This estimate price generated by the site calculator is subject to verification by our staff and will be verified against the actual work scope.

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